Ep. 117 - Finding Your Fountain of Youth

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[spp-timestamp time=”00:22″] – The Fountain of Youth – St. Augustine, FL


[spp-timestamp time=”01:08″] – What Keeps You Healthier, Younger, and Stronger?


[spp-timestamp time=”01:49″] – Preparing Yourself For Tomorrow


[spp-timestamp time=”02:14″] – Knowing Your Purpose

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How to Find Your Fountain of Youth

The Fountain of Youth in St. Augustine, FL

People travel from all over the world to St. Augustine to drink from the Fountain of Youth in an attempt to be younger, healthier and keep their age as they are. How incredible would it be if we could go back to a specific age i.e. 30 years old? Unfortunately, that is not the case. However, people continue to travel and drink from this Fountain of Youth.

What Will Keep Me Younger, Healthier and Stronger?

In life, we all tend to be on the constant lookout for the right foods to eat that will make us thinner, the skin creams that will make us appear younger and reading the hot new products that will make us stronger. Doing all these things are great, there is nothing wrong with the desire to improve our physical and mental state.

We all have a purpose and a plan, but the problem is that we are too focused on the here and now and not enough on the future; and eternity in general.

Preparing For Tomorrow

I want you to think about what the Fountain of Youth looks like in your life, what you’re trying to do to make yourself younger, and what you’re doing to add more value to your life. Now, ask yourself….

  1. Are you doing these things because you need to be in the best shape and you need to be in a place where you are as healthy as possible, to add more value to others? 
  2. What are you doing to prepare for tomorrow?
  3. What are you doing to add more value to your life?

Do You Know Your Purpose?

The whole idea of the Fountain of Youth is so someone can take a step back and stay in the age that they are so they can literally live a longer life.

Our world can be very challenging and sometimes it throws us curve balls that we have never been thrown before i.e. shootings in schools and people making irrational choices. This is because those people aren’t living on purpose. Majority of people do not spend enough time searching for their purpose. The majority are too fearful to step out and do what they know in their heart they should be doing.

Why Focus On Your Purpose

"You will never make the impact in life with the people you should, until you live your life with purpose." - Michael D. Wall

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