Ep. 115 - How to Know If Your Dreams Are Too Small

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[spp-timestamp time=”01:01″] – The key to knowing if your dream is too small.


[spp-timestamp time=”03:22″] – Are you improving your life or entertaining your life?


[spp-timestamp time=”07:06″] – The fastest way to improve your lifestyle.


[spp-timestamp time=”09:46″] – Champions are not made on feather beds

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When Your Dreams Are All About You

One of the very best indicators your dreams are TOO SMALL is when they're all about you and what life can give to you. If your biggest dream is a new car or a new home or maybe a dream vacation, you may be limiting your dream too much. 

Don't get me wrong, it's not bad to want to have rewards for yourself in fact it's very motivating and will help you stretch for that goal. But, to find lasting satisfaction in your life, it's important for your dreams to include opportunities for you to help others get what they want in life. 

Understanding this concept of dreaming beyond yourself usually comes later in life after someone has achieved the self-centered dreams and still felt empty. Learn to dream beyond yourself early on and you'll find that achieving your goals become much more rewarding and consequently much more motivating. 


Improving yourself rather than simply entertaining yourself will make your journey progressively more rewarding and increase your ability to improve the lives of others. 

Keep in mind, a week of vacation can do tremendous things for your mental well-being, making it both an improvement and entertainment. 

This Week's Challenge

Set goals which reach beyond your personal satisfaction and allow you to use your talents to help others. Be intentional about setting these goals and incorporate them into your dreams in life. The reward will be greater satisfaction when you reach your goals and overall satisfaction in your life.

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